Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Purpose of the Survey :
This report presents the results of a survey on idea and preference about aviation. The aim of the survey was to determine why people have taken the plane. Another goal was to see what people are afraid of in a airplane.

Methodology :
Most of the respondents were internet surfer. The questionnaire contained ten multiple choice questions.

Results :
The response show that 85.7% of people have taken a airplane in his life.

The preference about the company, the gender of the pilot and the attendant seems very different for each personnel. The duration of the fly seems quit long, like five hours or more.
Analysis :
The results show that for people, aviation is important. The survey show that people aren’t afraid in airplane. It’s a finding that we didn't expect.
Conclusion :
People are trust the aviation transporter. They are secure in airplane and they are satisfy of this mean of transportation.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Aviation survey

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm canadien from Montreal

Montreal City
I have lived here for three years. I came to this city to study in a college. Montreal is the biggest city of Quebec with more than one million inhabittants. This is a city with a lot of action. Many services are offered like public transport and the subway. We can find many activities to do. It has shopping centres, sport centres and a lot of bars. It’s a city that is multicultural. There are three universites, two cegeps and a hospital. Montreal is a nice city to live, but the roads are terrible.